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Why Tate

Why Allent Tate

Service you can trust.

Moving to the area? We'll make you feel at home.

Wherever your destination, Allen Tate Relocation and Corporate Services is here to help. From learning about the area and touring neighborhoods to finding temporary housing and setting up details for moving day, our relocation professionals will help your employees through every step of the moving process. We're experts in managing the details and overcoming obstacles.

With Allen Tate, your employees can focus on the important part – moving forward with their lives and getting settled in their new homes.

Before you make your next move, talk with one of our Business Development Managers and learn how Allen Tate can help make it the easiest one you've ever made.

We offer the following destination services:

  • Policy Analysis, Development and Administration

    Our relocation staff will help you analyze your current relocation policy, develop a customized policy for your business and consult with your relocating employees.

  • Personalized Area Tours

    We introduce your employees or candidates to the local community through tours personalized for their specific needs and interests.

  • Recruiting Assistance

    We're happy to help assist your job candidates with information, local tours and other resources prior to making their employment decision.

  • Individual and Family Consulting

    We work closely with your employees to ensure that every step of their move is handled with the highest level of service.

  • Home Finding/Purchase Assistance

    We help your employees find the right home, at the right price in their new destination, minimizing worry, productivity and expenses.

  • Temporary Living Assistance

    We provide assistance with short and long-term housing for employees until they establish a permanent residence in their new area.

  • Rental Assistance

    For employees not ready to purchase a home at their new destination, we offer services and advice to help them find the ideal rental property.

  • Group Move Management Services

    If you are relocating a number of employees to a new location, we offer special services including presentations, tours and counseling assistance.